Algo-Marine tonic for face

Algo-Marine tonic for face


  • saturate with moisture and tone
  • restore the energy balance
  • improve flexibility and accelerate regeneration of the skin

This Algo-Marine facial toner is ideal to complete the process of cleansing and normalizing the pH balance of the skin of any type and at any age.

The tonic contains a unique snow algae extract, which activates the "youth gene» thanks to its ability to recover and renew in extreme conditions.

Snow algae in combination with sea chamomile saturate the skin with life-giving moisture and beneficial micro-and macro elements to support skin health and vitality.

Active ingredients of the tonic restore the energy balance, improve the complexion, skin elasticity and boost skin regeneration.

The maximum effect is achieved through the use of products making up the cosmetic line.

Directions: wet a cotton pad with tonic and apply the toner to the cleansed skin of face and eyelids.

Brend: Vitex