History of foundation


The history of the cosmetic enterprises of VITEX CJSC and JV BELITA LLC began with the arrival in August 1988 of the new director - VICTOR TERESHCHENKO - on the Republican base of BELBYTSNABA.


In November 1989, the joint Soviet-Italian enterprise BELITA was established, and the director of the company BELBYTKOMPLEKT, VICTOR TERESHCHENKO, was elected president of the board (now chairman). The Belarusian company was founded by the company "BELBYTKOMPLEKT" (currently CJSC "VITEX"), with the Italian company - the manufacturer of cosmetic preparations "GVF". The Italian side provided supplies of equipment and transferred formulas of several cosmetics, the Belarusian side provided the new enterprise with personnel and production facilities.


Entering the market of the first 6 cosmetics for hair care under the brand name "BELITA": shampoos "Nettle", "Melissa", "Air", "Salvia", lotion - Itkur, hair balm Revivor.
The formulation of the first drugs was provided by the Italian cosmetic company "ITELY".


In 1991, due to its own funds, the company "BELBYTKOMPLEKT" organized the production of plastic containers for the packaging of cosmetic preparations.


JV "BELITA" LTD expands the range of cosmetic products, there are means for caring for the body.


JV "BELITA" LLC started the production of cosmetics for face care.
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Opening of the first trade mission in Vitebsk
ODO "BELITA - VITEX" and the first brand store marked the beginning of the creation of the retail trade network "COSMETICS WORLD" "BELITA - VITEX"


The first production under the trade mark "VITEX" was issued.
Belarusian fashionista was offered the first novelty - hair color "Flora". The second novelty from "VITEX" was the toothpaste "Vita".
At the enterprise "BELBYTKOMPLEKT" the testing laboratory was created and accredited according to the standards ISO / IEC / 17025


Collective enterprise "BELBYTKOMPLEKT" is incorporated and transformed into CJSC "BELBYTKOMPLEKT"
The chemical and biological laboratory of JV "BELITA" LLC is accredited for compliance with ISO / IEC 17025
At the enterprise CJSC "BELBYTKOMPLEKT" a sewing workshop was set up. The first production of the shop - bed linen, wafer towels, overalls for own needs.


Specialists of JV "BELITA" Ltd. developed the formulation of the first 6 tones of coloring balms for hair.
Open advertising and information publishing house "COSMETICS WORLD"
The first edition of the newspaper "COSMETICS WORLD" BELITA - VITEX "was 1000 copies.
Until June 2001, the publication was called - The Monthly "BELITA"


The first batch of cosmetic bags made of PVC film was developed and produced, and this determined the main direction in the work of the sewing shop of CJSC "BELBYTKOMPLEKT".
The first delivery of JV "BELITA" Ltd. products to the USA


The foundation of the scientific and coordination center "BELITA - VITEX".
The creation of NFCs allowed enterprises to become the first and only developers of their own cosmetic formulas.

2000 - 2005

The enterprise "Belbytcomplect" was re-registered in JSC "VITEX".
At the enterprise, JSC "VITEX" made a complete reconstruction and modernization of production, which allowed to start the production of competitive and high-quality products in the quantities necessary for successful development. Our own trading network has been built and is actively operating in the Republic of Belarus.
A dealer network has been formed practically in all countries of the near abroad. To coordinate the activities of the enterprise, ZAO "VITEX" and JV "BELITA" LLC began to hold seminars - conferences with trading houses and dealers.
110 new cosmetic preparations were produced under the brands "BELITA" and "VITEX". The volume of production is increased by 30%.
JV "BELITA" LLC started the production of decorative cosmetics

2006 - 2008

The environmental management system "BELITA" and "VITEX" is certified for compliance with the requirements of the national standard STB ISO 14001-2001 Environmental management system. General requirements
"VITEX" and "BELITA" companies renew the assortment by one third.
The management of JV "BELITA" LLC decided to make a complete modernization of production, introduce new technologies, purchase modern equipment. Pictures Pictures

2009 - 2010

The enterprises started the production of cosmetics, which has no analogues with domestic producers. Among the novelties are "Q10 + nanosomes", "Cosmetics of the Dead Sea", "Bamboo Style", "Natural Care".
ZAO "VITEKS" expands production areas: a new shop for the production of packaging and packaging, an area of ​​2 503.7 square meters, a second shop for the production of cosmetics and a site for the production of extracts was opened.
JSC "VITEX" and JV "BELITA" LLC actively participate in the
Professional exhibitions "Interstyle", "Intercharm" and many others.

2011 - 2013

A new production building of JSC "VITEX" was commissioned. The company produces about 100 herbal extracts, for the first time in Belarus the technology of handmade soap production has been mastered. A new line for packaging cosmetics in Doi - pack packages is being developed.
Novelties from ZAO "VITEKS": line for face and body "LIFT INTENSE" with hyaluronic acid; Line for hair and body "Macadamia and Karite", with natural oils; Cosmetics "BioLine"; Line for hair restoration - "Keratin Active".
The production of professional cosmetics for face and body skin care for beauty salons under the brand name "BELITA" has begun.


The companies "VITEX" and "BELITA" do not get tired of surprising their fans with innovative drugs. More than 20 new cosmetic lines were produced. Among them organic cosmetics for hair without sulfates, without dyes, without parabens, without silicones - "Professional ORGANIC Hair Care", "Course of deep cleansing for hair", "Workshop of Beauty" - 4 revolutionary effective care programs for face.


The production building with an area of ​​1,941 square meters was put into operation, where the administrative staff of JV "BELITA" LLC was located.
On the market there are innovative preparations from ZAO "VITEKS" and JV "BELITA", which have no analogues with domestic manufacturers of cosmetics. "PHARMACOS" and "Apothecary" - medicinal cosmetics for face, body and hair; "Fresh Hair" - dry shampoos for hair; "LASER Like System." Laser effect "; "MEZOcomplex" - without the injection procedure for skin care of the face; A unique premium line "LuxCare", containing an innovative powerful cocktail of biologically active molecules that trigger the self-renewal of skin cells at the gene level.


A new building of the shop for the production of cosmetics № 2 of ZAO "VITEX", an area of ​​764.5 square meters, was opened, which increased the volume of hair balms.
Under the trademark "VITEKS" came innovative cosmetics "BLACK CLEAN" - a coal line with microparticles of black activated carbon.
JV "BELITA" LLC has presented a hair color balm with a modern palette of "COLOR LUX" line shades with argan oil and phytokeratin.
Perfumed water - a new direction in the activity of JV "BELITA" LLC - the line "ROMANTIC COLLECTION"