Luxurious care - 7 oils of beauty


Each line item is a subtle combination of 7 precious oils for luxurious care and a delightful result!

Exquisite precious oils:

Роза.pngThe oil of Japanese camellia (eastern rose) is a jewel that came to us from the East. Possessing high bioactivity, carefully nourishes and restores skin and hair, slows down the aging process of the skin, makes hair incredibly elastic. It is easily absorbed, gives the skin and hair an attractive softness, smoothness and silkiness.
Олива.pngOlive oil is the ideal moisturizer for the skin and hair. Thanks to the high content of vitamin A it helps to eliminate excessive dryness and maintain a natural level of hydration in any extreme conditions.
Авокадо.pngAvocado oil has toning and rejuvenating properties, helps to protect the skin and hair from the negative influence of surrounding factors (cold, sun, dust), generously nourishes and intensively restores dry and fading skin, gives hair health and strength.
Миндаль.pngAlmond oil returns the skin its former elasticity and flexibility, improves overall tone, smoothes wrinkles. Intensively nourishes and restores hair along the entire length, it allows to significantly reduce the number of split ends.
Персик.pngPeach oil stimulates cell activity, restores and strengthens the barrier functions of the skin, removes inflammation and irritation, making the skin silky and smooth by sense of touch.
Мак.pngMacadamia oil is especially useful for excessively dry, coarse and fading skin, as it has the strongest nutritional and moisturizing properties. It effectively fights free radicals, accelerates the regeneration of tissues, preventing the aging of cells.
Кокос.pngCoconut oil with a high biological activity helps to fill the lack of nutrients, normalize metabolic processes, so that the skin becomes soft, smooth and well-groomed.
Рисунок1.pngArgan oil is liquid gold. It perfectly nourishes and restores the structure of the epidermis at the cellular level, deeply saturating the cells with irreplaceable useful substances. The skin acquires a beautiful shine and a healthy appearance.
Карите.pngShea oil contains lecithin, protein, vitamins and fatty acids, which are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, stimulate the production of collagen. The skin tightens, becomes noticeably more dense and smooth.
манго.png Mango oil penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair shaft, resuscitates the hair, tired of aggressive external influences and lack of microelement. It envelops the hair along the entire length, smoothes the scales, giving a mirror smoothness.
хлопок.png Cotton oil deeply nourishes the hair, restoring keratinous scales of hair. The hair is saturated with moisture and useful substances, acquires tremendous silkiness and shine.
какао.pngCocoa oil returns natural strength to locks, strengthens hair roots, prevents brittleness, makes hair obedient, smooth and shiny.