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The line was developed taking into account the structural features of men’s skin and hair. Modern formulas combine effectiveness and comfort.

The perfumed aroma is masculine, incredibly sensual, woody and aromatic, leaving an unforgettable, attractive trail.

Active ingredients provide men’s skin with the necessary care:

Wild Siberian cedar gives its natural strength and power, stimulates recovery processes, helps relieve tension and stress, and fills you with energy.

Barrenwort is a well-known aphrodisiac – it sharpens sensations, improves mood, and helps unleash passion.

Taurine – a powerful energy booster – reduces fatigue, tones and tightens, gives strength and vigor.

Special moisturizing complex provides long-lasting deep hydration, gives skin smoothness, and hair silkiness and shine.

Vitamin E and panthenol nourish and soften the skin, restore and soothe, promote rapid cell regeneration, and give smoothness.

A unique complex of medicinal plants provides active protection against irritation even for very sensitive skin, reduces redness, and has an antibacterial effect.

Silver has pronounced antimicrobial properties and helps reduce redness.

Aloe juice and menthol tone and refresh.