Hyaluron LIFT

Recommended for age 45+

Special active ingredients, boosting the effect of each other, provide for acting immediately on 5 facial areas:

  1. tighten the slack skin of the neck
  2. reduce the double chin
  3. reduce the nasolabial folds
  4. diminish forehead and eye-around wrinkles
  5. model the facial oval.

Cosmetic line products reduce the depth of vertical and horizontal wrinkles, smoothen the skin, significantly tighten the skin of upper eyelids and lift the lower eyelid skin, reduce eye-around wrinkles and help to correct facial contour. 

One of the key active ingredients of the line is super concentrated hyaluronic acid (“molecule of youth”). It improves cell renewal in the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, the skin becomes elastic, supple and taut. Acting like injection treatment, the super concentrated hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin, actively fills the depth of wrinkles and swells to normal volume.

In addition to the hyaluronic acid, the product includes the following highly active ingredients:

Edelweiss stem cells give a truly magical beauty to the facial skin, tighten the skin, and actively fight a decrease in skin turgor. 

It has been clinically proved that it:

  •  restores the curve of neck and chin*,
  •  tightens the slack skin of the neck by 10.6%*.

*the efficiency is proved by Sederma (France)

Renaissance® is a peptide complex of unique efficiency which helps to tighten the skin, smooth the wrinkles and restore contours of your face. 

For only 4 weeks 

  • skin elasticity and firmness is increased by 38%
  •  skin resilience improves by 24%
  • the amount of wrinkles decreases by18%.

* the efficiency is proved by Infinitec (Spain) 

Shadownyl™ is a complex of active ingredients that works in 3 ways at a time:

  • diminishes the amount of wrinkles and improves the complexion
  • activates the synthesis of collagen fibers, and
  •  has an antioxidant effect.