Ideal Whitening

The Unique Smart Whitening Technology

A woman wants to have a light and radiant skin at any age. Skin imperfections, such as freckles and pigment spots, may grow into a problem, but they do not have to be allowed or tolerated.

The Vitex IDEAL WHITENING Line was created to give your skin a shining white color.

The advanced proactive Smart Whitening technology identifies and targets pigmented areas that require whitening.

The products have proven high performance:

The patented components — Dermawhite® (a biotechnological complex that incorporates Waltheria indica leaf extract, and ferulic and citric acids) and Lumiskin™ (based on a unique component obtained from the bark of the boldo tree, native to Chile) — complement and intensify each other’s effect:

lighten the skin tone

by 71%**

reduce hyperpigmentation

by 54%**

even out the complexion

by 65%**

make the skin brighter and more radiant

by 74%**

** visible results delivered within 30 days, as certified by Sederma, France

Pigment spots and freckles fade by the day, as the skin tone evens out, and the skin grows bright and radiant.

High-performing components and reinforced formulas:


efficiently whitens the skin and reduces pigmentation


provides a significant whitening effect by dramatically reducing melanin synthesis inside skin cells

Lactic acid

removes keratinized cells and restores the protective function of the skin

Natural bearberry extract

reduces melanin generation in skin cells, targeting excess melanin which causes pigment spots and freckles

UV filters

block ultraviolet rays that cause pigmentation

Rice powder

cleanses skin pores, removing harmful substances


Important: If you are prone to freckles and pigment spots, you should carefully protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation. You should start using sunscreens and creams containing a UV-filter in spring, when solar activity increases. In summertime, apply a sunscreen on the skin one hour before going outside.