Snow Algae

Snow algae made a breakthrough in rejuvenation of skin cells! Snow algae found in glacial lakes of snow-capped Swiss Alps are the key component of the Snow Algae — Youth Gene line.

Snow algae are protophytes with the unique ability to actively live at about 0 ° C. Algae are able to prosper in the icy water with very low nutrient levels.

In spring s the now-covered algae produce a red pigment that protects them from UV radiation damage. Their ability to regenerate has no match. This algae property allows them to activate the “youth gene".

An innovative component — snow algae extract — acts at the cellular level, stops the destruction of collagen and restores its production. In addition, snow algae contain astaxanthin which is exceptional in keeping skin younger for a long time!

Snow algae
  • protect and activate the longevity factors in skin cells
  • rejuvenate and protect your skin at the cellular level
  • guarantee the youthful look of your skin by activating the Klotho gene
  • strengthen the cellular defense mechanisms by simulating the calorie restriction effect
  • strengthen, smooth and moisturize the skin
This line of cosmetics includes green, red, brown and yellow-green algae.

Green sea algae extract hydrates the skin, revitalizes and improves its look.

Red sea algae extract strengthens the protective function of the skin, restores the tired skin, reduces pores and reduce wrinkles.

Yellow-green algae extract protects the skin from photoaging, restores the lipid balance of the skin.

Sea lavender extract nourishes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which activates the protective mechanisms in your skin and thereby contributes to its tightening and smoothing.